Tips to Prepare for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

SAT is part of the admission process. Many colleges and universities require scores from SAT when deciding on the admission. With this, it is the key element to your college applications. Basically, SAT is an entrance exam. Its sole purpose is to measure the student’s readiness for college.

The duration of the exam is 3 hours but if you take the essay, you will have 50 more minutes. The sections include Math, Reading and Writing and Essay (optional). The highest score that you can get is 1600 while the average score is 1060. Most high school students take this exam. It is recommended that students start preparation one year prior to the scheduled sat hk exam.sat hk

If you want to have a head start in ib chemistry or SAT, you should consider the following tips as a preparation:

Take practice tests
It is crucial that you take timed practice tests so you will get used to it. This will not only help you monitor your progress, but it will also increase your stamina. Remember that you will sit for at least 3 hours – this is grueling. Practice tests will allow you to get used to it.

Familiarise yourself with the test structure
You have to know that the level of difficulty is ascending. This means that the questions will be easier at the beginning then gradually becomes difficult at the end. Knowing this, you should not spend equal amounts of time on every question. Remember you have a time limit.

Get used to reading
Aside from practice tests, you should make it a point to read especially topics that are not familiar to you. Make sure that you understand everything. This can help develop your reading comprehension.

Expand your vocabulary
Reading not only develops your reading comprehension but also your vocabulary. If there are words that you do not understand, look it up.

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