How do you find a high-quality tutor? Where to look, and how much does tutoring cost?

Ib Tutor Hong Kong

Apart from a rather specific group of tutors, which are native speakers, tutoring is provided as additional paid work, and in rare cases, full time. Tutoring is most often given by students, teachers, and graduates (who have pedagogical qualifications) who want to earn ib math tutor hong kong some extra money.

Is he able to present stories of students he helped (so-called success stories)?

Is there anything that shows better the ib tutor hong kong effectiveness than satisfied students from the past (or present)? Because I do not know. Verify recommendations. Ask for the phone number of someone who allegedly recommends the teacher and call to ask for information at the source. It will take you a while, but you will avoid later disappointment.

Ib Tutor Hong Kong

Keeps promises, especially the small ones?

I guess I’ll never be able to understand how you can promise people high values, and then have a problem with replying to your e-mail on time. If you come across a man who at the first meeting promises you that “I will send it to you by tomorrow until the evening,” and it is already a week and you get this promised message only after a reminder, then expect more such actions in the future. If someone keeps such small promises, then you can be calm about the bigger ones too.

Does it treat you individually, not tape?

Here you have to find the golden mean. If the teacher treats you like another petitioner in the office to handle, it is a sign that he is rather not passionate about his work. On the other hand, take into account that you are probably not the only client of a given trainer, because if you were, either the teacher would have nothing to pay for electricity or he would have to take cosmic money from you.


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