Things You Should Know About Plush Toys

Buying the right stuffed toy for your kid can be more of a challenge especially if you cannot choose between the various types that are available in the market. There are teddies or stuffed animals like cats, dog, rabbits or even Totoro plush toys and more. How will you choose the best toy for your wee ones?

Well, here you will find some very useful suggestions in order to buy the right plush toy for your toddler. Go through this quick checklist.

Watch out those eyes, and always double-check that nose.

Always remember that the steer clear of characteristics in plush toys includes buttons, beads and other small objects that could easily fall or can be chewed off. Also, the same goes when we talk about things like clothing, accessories or any other fancy decoration in your kid’s room.

Beware of any kind of metallic elements or wires.

 Several totoro plush toys tend to have ears, paws, and tails, so before buying one you must ensure that the toy is completely wire-free. Even if the wire is covered with the fur- there is still a chance it could hurt your little ones easily.

Make sure the toy is washable.

 Here, let us all face it, plush toys can get a little messy over the time. Your best bet here is to select the one you can wash easily, always consider buying 2 toys with the same element in order to avoid your baby’s meltdown when one is in the laundry.

 Always keep a check on dust mites.

 Soft toys can be home to several germs and they might collect dust mites, which can cause some serious allergies and other health-related issues in kids. One of the best ways to minimize the mites is by washing them quite often. After cleaning it always put it in a plastic bag and places it in the freezer overnight.

Try to keep the crib free from toys. 

Yes, we understand! That pile of toys may look cute, but sadly it can suffocate your baby anytime. Therefore, we suggest you keep all the toys out of the crib.


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