Cognitive enhancing drugs’ demand nowadays continues to rise despite being flagged illegal in some countries to prevent it from being abused and although there is the availability of legal brain-boosting drugs and legal nootropics available in the market.

Depending on which part of the world you are living in, legal nootropics can be bought as easy as buying in a supermarket.

However, this type of drug is relatively to the general population, only those people who are hooked up to work and are often facing the computer or has a work that requires extra energy and analytic skills have a deeper comprehension of cognitive enhancing drugs compared to majority of the people who only know it as smart drug.

The most frequent questions asked with regards to cognitive enhancing drugs and nootropics are is it legal to consume and purchase one? Does it really require a prescription in order to obtain one? Is it really effective? Is it addictive? Does it have side effects? Is it harmful to someone’s health in the long run? It is okay to skeptic at things that need deeper understanding rather than diving into the fray and experience the consequences later on.

In this article, let me answer those questions above and give you a clearer understanding of cognitive enhancing drugs and nootropics.

Cognitive enhancing drugs was purely made for people suffering from severe sleeping disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea but a decade ago several experts have tested it and proven that it has the capabilities to boost a person’s analytical skills and energy as well as promote wakefulness and alertness and it eventually became a trend to a lot of people especially those who work in shifts, athletes, and students who desire to unlock parts of their brain to make them smarter.

With the trend comes people who tends to abuse cognitive enhancing drugs thus a lot of countries categorize it as a controlled substance but it is not included on the list of dangerous drugs and stimulants, however, it is illegal to purchase cognitive enhancing pill specifically modafinil if there is no such prescription from a doctor but with the availability of the internet one can buy modafinil online.

If a person does not possess any symptoms or diagnosed with narcolepsy or any sleeping disorders then it is illegal to consume cognitive enhancing drugs but there are legal nootropics available in the market but it is not that potent compared to the former but offshore pharmaceutical companies starts to manufacture cognitive enhancing drugs that can be bought online without any prescription.

It is proven to be effective and helps a lot of people who want to become more productive in their respective fields but studies suggest that it is not addictive compared to illegal drugs and stimulants but just like any other drugs, it has side effects such as nausea, drying of the mouth, bruises, headaches and insomnia and if abused and consumed in an unregulated dosage may lead to harmful effects on the body.

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