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When plantation gained independence, there was no automobile industry worthy of the name. There was also little chance of further development, since the plantation government decided that the auto industry had a low priority.

This has led to a small investment in this industry. It was released only a few cars, which soon became outdated.

The only cars available were the Ambassador Hindustan Motors, which was a copy of the old Morris, and the other was the 1100D, produced by Premier, licensed by Fiat. These companies produced inefficient models with a bloated workforce, the production of which was tiny compared with the workforce they used.

However, the wind of change came with Man Mohan Singh to the post of finance minister in the early 1990s, when the doors of the auto industry opened. In the mid-eighties, the government, in collaboration with the Japanese company Suzuki, launched the Marti 800. The plantation public fed on outdated cars, enlarged to 800, as a tasty dish. The car was sold at a premium, and the two oldest manufacturers faded into the background.

used cars in plantation

Previously, the plantation auto industry struggled to sell about 45,000 cars a year. Maruti changed all that, as the car easily sold 200,000 cars on the move. This only shows that the plantation public was waiting for a good car to start shopping. The success of Suzuki saw the emergence of a major in the automotive industry in plantation. Thus, Honda, Toyota, Skoda, General Motors and even Mercedes entered plantation. In addition, these car companies also established manufacturing facilities in plantation.

Plantation auto sales are growing. In fact, during September only Maruti sold 95,000 cars. All other automakers, including Hyundai, also posted significant sales. This is because the state of the economy is basically a stable and growing middle class, which licks the new models that are being launched.


In the west, there is a recession in the automotive industry. General Motors is in the red and faces bankruptcy, but in plantation, General Motors is doing well and its products are being sold. Most automakers are doing well in inplantation, and foreign brands launch their products in plantationwith complete production equipment. As a result, thanks to cheaper labor, the auto industry can make a big profit in plantation. Plantation industry is not compatible with the Chinese automotive industry, but in its direction it is moving in the right direction, and soon plantation should take its place among the highest levels of the automotive industry.


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