Codes For GTA Games

GTA is a series of video games designed for personal computers and consoles, where the player will have to perform tasks for the development of a common story, but can also perform side effects in invented areas based on models of American cities.

Each game in the series takes place in a fictional place in the world and in a different time space. In addition, the character varies from one game to another, and due to the fact that the game is free, the team player has a great freedom to decide what and when to perform several missions.

Sometimes, some missions can be difficult to pass or you need more money quickly, and here the cheat codes can help you. Cheating is the way the player facilitates the game or creates special effects.

Currently, almost all games (personal computer or console) have integrated cheat engines that can be activated by a series of combinations of letters and / or numbers. GTA 5 download games are known for a wide variety of codes for a variety of things.

GTA 5 download games

With them, a player can:

– Produce a large number of vehicles: cars, bicycles, boats, airplanes.

– get weapons and ammunition

– make armor and life

– change the climate

– get money

The use of codes in GTA games is really elementary, but different for different games. In the first games of the Grand Theft Auto series, you had to write a combination of letters during the game, and the trick was activated, but in the newer games, like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V in, the tricks were activated passed the cell phone in the game. The player must call the mobile number to activate the tricks. If you entered the correct code, the message “Trick activated” will appear on the screen.


Even if a game with traps can make it more painless and even stupid, you should note that the use of some trap codes can block some achievements, particularly in current games, so try to use them as little as possible or play with activated traps, but do not save the game when you use codes.

Enjoy and have fun!


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