Choosing a management software for a business is fundamental for its operation in the long run. Managing a pharmacy is a complex task, which can be compared to the biological functions of a living being : different parts organs or equipment that perform certain functions and are coordinated to keep it alive and in good health . In the same way that the respiratory system, circulatory system or digestive systems are vital for the survival of the human body, business tasks such as accounting , stock management or team management are necessary for a community pharmacy to maintain its viability.

In this analogy, a pharmacy system solutions management software would be equivalent to its nervous system: it helps capture and process external responses to the body customers, suppliers…and internal responses medicines, employees, expenses…and, based on all this information, helps to manage all the functions of the pharmacy in an optimized way so understanding these type of  points before starting up is very important for everyone.

pharmacy system solutions

A software for any retail business and especially in pharmacy field should contemplate, at least, the following tasks :

  • Inventory control : keep track of all products available for sale.
  • Point of Sale Terminal (POS) to process transactions and store all data.
  • Customer Management (CRM).
  • Workflow management.
  • Administrative facilities for billing and business paperwork.

In the case of the community pharmacy, other complications inherent to its nature are added, which would be interesting to consider when choosing a management software .

  • Differentiation between over-the-counter products and prescription drugs , so that their treatment is different at the time of dispensing.
  • Management of professional pharmaceutical services (types of service, appointment control, follow-up…).
  • Integration with collegiate and administrative services and programs for drug managementt. Pharmacies increasingly function more like a large network of interconnected establishments.

In short, it is important to carefully weigh all the factors when choosing computer software that helps the owner of the pharmacy and the rest of the professionals to speed up and carry out all the tasks of their profession in the most efficient way possible.