Understanding the concepts of Hair Transplantation

What is hair transplant? This question that lingers in the minds of people having hair related challenges. Hair transplant refers to the replacement treatment procedures to eliminate challenges the hair is exposed to. These challenges may vary from stunted growth, balding, development of fungus to thinning hairs. The treatment procedure involves transplant of follicles starting from behind the head.

Follicles are the secretory cavities that are responsible for the release of seeds which foster the growth of hair. The most depressing factor about hair transplant is that it cannot be afforded by all members of the society. However, the تكلفة زراعة الشعر في مصر is relatively affordable when compared to other nations offering the same quality of work.

Selecting the Best Hair Transplant for your hair

The choice between the different types of hair transplant one needs is based mainly on their preference and or surgical recommendation from a clinical specialist. The two types of hair transplants are FUE and FUT.

FUT (follicular unit Transplantation) refers to the procedure that involves the removing out a portion of the scalp where there are numerous follicles and replacing them with grafts which are used in transplants. The Follicular units are removed using the established procedures.

FUE (follicular unit extraction)  here the follicular units are removed in a particular sequence and measures to avoid the scar that is caused by the FUT method of extraction. This procedure is particularly favourite for most people who prefer their hair won shot after carrying out the transplant process.

  • Restoration

Hair restoration usually takes at least a day. تكلفة زراعة الشعر في مصر takes into account the treatment and maintenance costs until the patient is fully recovered and monitored for any side effects.

  • Recovery

The overall time taken for one to recover solely depends on the procedures carried out and the severity of the transplantation process. Mild pain and numbness in the head are felt within the first days after the procedure. During the first month after the transplantation procedure, certain effects in the head are felt. Witnessing fall of hair is common. In three months, however, hair growth will have already picked up although full results are seen after six to seven months. Significant complications in the transplant of hair are rare. This, however, depends on the quality of services sought. A follow-up investigation is usually carried out in most health centers to prevent any side effects that may not have been anticipated.


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