The thing to know about contact lenses in Singapore


All contact lenses in Singapore must be prescribed and dispensed by registered optometrists or contact lens practitioners, as per the Optometrists and Opticians Board (OOB) under the Ministry of Health.

Depending on the type, manufacturer, and extent of your insurance, contact lenses can run you anywhere from $150 to $1,500 each year. They often cost $20 to $30 per box. For between $200 and $500, the majority of people with ordinary prescriptions should be able to purchase a year’s supply of contact lenses.

However, you are free to compare shop online. Keep to reputable sources. Everyone likes to save money but avoids being drawn into online auction sites with shady suppliers by the promise of inexpensive contact lenses.

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It’s undeniable that getting acclimated to contact lenses takes some time.

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It could take a little getting accustomed to putting in and taking out contact lens singapore, but soon you won’t even think about it. The following advice may be helpful:

  • It can be simple to forget to clean your contact lenses or take them out at night. • Give yourself a little more time to get ready in the morning until you are used to putting in your lenses. Your phone will remember you if you set an alarm.
  • Set a remembrance. Schedule significant events like opening a new box or placing new eyeglass orders on your calendar.


Sadly, you cannot utilize your current prescription for glasses to get contact lenses. Even while both can improve your vision, there are several ways in which a contact lens prescription and a prescription for glasses are different.