The Purpose of Charity

Charity in fact is a test of the belief of God. It changes the world or the people to whom the charity is provided. But, it transforms the person who gives charity. It’s easy to say that one love God and his children, but people are able to follow their words up in actions. Charity in potential without expectation of return when a person believes in the Spirit or God. It’s hard to give the items to somebody away . Every act of charity demonstrates the charitable man has managed to develop detachment from the worldly possessions including name and celebrity, which is possible only if the individual, is awakened. Nothing goes waste in this world. It transforms into a different form by nature’s laws. The material things get converted to realization from the action of charity. People like dr ganesh ramalingam have extended their valuable time in promising their daily needs. They as a team help them to come out of their stress.

ganesh ramalingam

The principles of Karma as enshrined in Gita, says that each and every action is. Whatever you sow, so will you reap is an old proverb. The world appears to work on this principle of response and action.

A, thus whenever Any action is performed by person, he receives something material in return. We’re paid our salaries if we do our job at the office. You get interest when you put a little cash. When you invest in stocks, your investment decreases or increases with the share market.

All actions results into some results.


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