Some super tips for screen room planning

If you are planning a screen room and are confused about how to go about it, don’t worry you have landed on the right page. The following pointers can help you plan your space in the best possible way. Do consider them when you are in the planning stage itself.

  • The first tip will help you decide the size and location of the screen room. To decide on the size, the slope and location are very important. You should plan whether you want the space as a separate one or attached to the building itself. Also, the location may be on the ground floor or first. Most properties have the screen rooms in Pleasanton CA on the first floor making ample sun pass through. The size depends on the number of members of your family and how many will be using them. These are very important points for consideration.
  • To decide on the design of the room also needs some planning. The screen room should be elegant and also functional. It should not just be addition of beauty to the house. The construction should blend well with the existing architecture of the house to add to the beauty of the place. Otherwise, it would look odd though it may serve the purpose. So if you are aesthetically inclined, you should concentrate both on the functional and the appearance aspect.

  • The season when you plan to put your screen room to use also needs attention. If you have plans to use it the year-round, then you can design it accordingly. Else, if it is meant only for summers, then it should be planned keeping the seasonal factors in mind. In peak summers too you can still have the outside view without being affected by the heat. If winters are severe in your place, you must plan on insulation for the screen room so that you can comfortably sit there during such times.
  • Extra detailing like the kind of flooring that will be installed, carpets that would be used, windows, whether full-sized or not, kind of roof, etc are some other details to be noted before beginning construction.