Immigrate along with pet using pet immigration services

We constantly talk about immigration and the various processes involved in it. And we forget that pets form a significant part of our lives. Nobody ever thought whether transporting pets could involve another procedure in itself. Our pets are an important part of our loved ones. So, we wouldn’t need to leave them behind while immigrating. This report focuses on the actions involved in transporting our pets to Singapore.

When it comes to pets, there are restrictions. It is similar with Singapore. With this, it may also prove to be a fairly costly affair on the pockets. The different steps to be followed include the foremost task to be done is to check whether your pet’s breed is allowed into Singapore. With this, the age limit to which a pet migration to overseas is allowed to travel. This is because certain breeds like those of dogs such as Japanese Tisa, Pit Bull Terrier etc aren’t permitted to enter.

pet migration to overseas

The next step would be to chip the pet. This needs to be done before applying for a license to import. This micro chip should be read by any reader that’s ISO compatible such as that of Destroy or Trojan. This is followed by applying for a license. The license issued is valid for just six months. Now, the pet needs to be reserved to a quarantine station for a specific period of time. Here, it needs to be recalled that an import license cannot guarantee a place in this station. With this, a suitable veterinarian also has to be found out to your pet. Make certain that the vet chosen has been approved by the local government

This is followed by the documentation component. All of the relevant documents of the pet must be obtained from a lab that’s recognized by the government. These documents are of extreme importance in transporting the pet. So, it must be ensured that not a single record is missed out. After finishing with the documentation part, reserve for your pet’s transportation.


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