How To Hire A Foreign Domestic Worker Singapore

Have you looked through en number of websites and profiles before shortlisting the right candidates for domestic workers? But then you have ended up on profiles of foreign workers alone. But this is not an issue. They are also well-equipped to suit your needs. Here are the steps for hiring foreign domestic worker Singapore.

Shortlisting The Candidate

Talk to the agency or the service and encircle one worker out of the list provided. This is the only time-taking step. You have to ensure that they can meet all your requirements. so it is better to talk to the agency about your requirements and let them do the shortlisting for you. Once the right candidate is shortlisted, then we move on to the next step.

The Employment Papers

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As the employment papers are taken care of, make sure you read the terms and conditions of it carefully. Usually, the workers are hired for a specific period. some of these agencies expect a price to be paid if the contract is terminated before that. During this time is also when the foreign domestic worker arrives in Singapore and starts taking the necessary training.

Fully-Equipped And Skilled

Once the papers are completed and the maid is trained, the foreign domestic worker singapore will arrive at your house fully equipped with the required skills for the house. They will ensure each product’s safety and you can talk to them about the work timings as well.

Through the right maid agency, you can hire the perfect domestic helper for your daily needs. If need be, then the agency itself will replace the maid and compensate for any loss that occurs.