Less visible, often neglected or neglected, the roof protects its inhabitants and property from the outbursts of Mother Nature. This is the most important element of the house. That’s why for 40,000 years, men have always covered their homes in different ways with different materials to better protect themselves from the weather.


  • The house has suffered serious damage
  • There are infiltrations
  • We want to use materials more in line with its ecological ideas
  • Its useful life comes to an end


Choosing roofing littleton co the roof covering is not easy. Here are some tips on how to choose your roof.

Check with the municipality to find out what kind of roof can be installed (if there are restrictions of the municipality or if the building is classified heritage)

Compare different types of roofs

  • What is the life of a roof?
  • Know how much is the cost of laying a roof?
  • How is the maintenance of the roof?
  • Who to contact for the benefit?

The type of roof to be installed varies generally according to the region, the climate, the dwelling in itself or even the tastes of the inhabitant. Whether it’s a condominium, a house or an apartment, the roof varies.

Looking up and letting our eyes wander over the roofs of the houses, we notice that the roofs are not the same. Two main types of the roof stand out: The sloping roof and the flat roof. What are their differences?

Sloping roof

The sloped roof has the advantage of being easy to maintain. By its inclination, rainwater flows more easily. Same thing for snow and ice melting. There is no concern for sealing or water infiltration.

On the other hand, its inclination during its maintenance can because of an accident. A bad move and an accident happened quickly. In addition, its larger area and slope factor require more logistics and preparation.

roofing littleton coThe flat roof

Like the sloped roof, the flat roof allows the optimal use of the living space. It is flexible. You can do whatever you want with it. Make a garden, a kitchen garden, put solar panels (you can put on sloping roofs), etc. So let your desires take precedence over you.

However, there may be problems regarding the waterproofness of the roof. Indeed, a flat roof is more capricious concerning the evacuation of water. Nevertheless, remember that its maintenance is essential and allows you to see the progress of its life.

You have one of these roofs or a variant of one of them. You must redo your roof and therefore choose a suitable coating? Which coating will you choose?