HAPPY BIRTHDAY: A Day to cherish lifelong

Birthdays are special days in everyone’s lives. Birthdays are the day that you were born, and it is always going to be that one special day that is dedicated to you. every year, as the clock turns and the calendar folds, you arrive at your birthday, a day to make you and everything about you feelspecial and auspicious.

But for children, especially babies, who don’t even understand the significance of birthdays, these birthdays are actually more important to them. Because a child’s first birthday signifies his or her first year on this earth, and that mark becomes more important than the 18th or the 30th mark. First birthdays bring about a lot of memories, and even though a child hardly understands anything, he or she surely enjoys the event as he gathers blessings from all the people who attend it.

1st birthday party singapore

Misty Daydream is an event-decorations and party supplier in Singapore. They provide birthday and event supplies for babies and children. The first birthday party in Singapore of a baby needs to be well planned and well decorated as it is going to bring about many memories as the child grows in age. Misty Daydream helps to make the child’s 1st birthday party singapore to be unforgettable.

They also plan for bachelor and bachelorette parties, for weddings and anniversaries and other events in your life.


The Misty Daydream Event decorator helps you to give your child a most memorable first birthday partyin Singapore of his life.


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