Guide to Diverse Range of the Gold Necklaces

Pearls are quite synonymous with purity, innocence, love, faith, commitment, integrity and charity. There’s a reason. All these attributes reflect on the women’s personality. Pearls are the lustrous round beauties that exhibit mesmerizing tones and hues. From ancient times, this has attracted lots of women from different strata of life. Empresses, queens, and even celebrities have fallen for the scintillating gem and one of them is princess necklace gold.

Pearls are generally extracted from the oysters. The sea gems are produced in the salt water or processed mechanically inside oyster in the freshwater bodies such as rivers, ponds, and lakes. From four ranges of pearls, Tahitian and Akoya sea gems are generally used for making a pearl necklace.

princess necklace gold

  • The multi-tier design has multiple pearls strands in differing lengths.
  • Orphic gem and gold necklace can be categorized according to the length.
  • Princess necklace is a first of many designs that is long, over 17 to 19 inches long and versatile. This is worn on the gowns, trendy top and casual clothes. The matinee necklace is generally wore by corporate women and designed in 20 inches, but not above 24 inches in its length.
  • Collar necklace typically is worn a bit high on a woman neck and length is 12 – 13 inches. You will not find huge difference in collar and choker besides its length that is 14 – 16 inches.
  • Opera is the necklace with 30 inches length and typically worn on the events like high profile parties, premieres or gala. The necklace reaches below your bust line, and making them look a bit taller.


The rope necklace is one most famous pearl accessory. The necklace is made in 36 inches with many clasps that can easily be broken to wear an individual item separately or wrapped over the neck to give a different and unique look.


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