Fast & Friendly Handyman Services

There are many reasons why a handyman or home repair specialist needs to be fast, effective, and friendly. We’ve listed some of the most common ones below. Contact us today for all of your handyman needs. We also have same-day service available in most areas.

What to expect from a Repairman

When you hire a home repair contractor, you are hiring a professional who can fix your broken down garage door, furnace, appliances, water heater, pipes, and more! Not only can they do the repairs, but they will also give you a free estimate of what it will cost to do the repairs. It’s the best way to prevent any surprise fees or costs. We will also schedule the repair for a convenient time for you and your family. If you’re in the middle of a tight deadline, we have same-day service available and make it our top priority!

It is absolutely necessary to have a licensed and insured home repair contractor do the work. That’s because they are required to have insurance and to be licensed to perform the work. In the states that regulate the plumbing and mechanical trades, handyman near me in Shelton, WA  there are certain requirements that you have to meet. If the work is being done by an unlicensed contractor, you have the right to withhold payments until the contractor is properly licensed. This also protects you from getting into any potential danger of the work being done improperly. Also, some contractors are open to the opportunity to sell their services to you.

handyman servicesHow to find a handyman

You can find us at Handyman Maintenance. We are a family-owned business and work on all the home repairs that you need, including new home construction and remodeling. We also have a friendly and fast response time and we have same-day service available. We are local to the Collierville area and are available to do work for you in Middle TN. Our services include all types of repairs and handyman projects. We are licensed, insured, and we do work for clients and the general public. We are a reliable handyman company that many clients rely on for their home repairs.