Discuss some disadvantages of bit coin for the people

As we all know about the advantages of bit coin for peoples that’s why it is so much popular all around the world.  Among different crypto currencies in the world, it is most famous among individuals. Bitcoin is an electronic currency system between peer to peer. Bitcoin faucet idea is also good for this complete system. This digital currency has no administrator, bank or any authority to control. They are totally different from the traditional currencies in every way. As we all know a traditional currency exists physically between people. Every country has its own currency. Few countries have banned the bit coin. It has some disadvantages for people also. Some of these are:

It is necessary for the individuals for gaining advantages of a bit coin and implement in their lives must be aware more about the information of it.

It is important for all to form a big network so that you can easily get a bit of coin.

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Several firms that are involved in the bit coin have many benefits but still, they are quite less compared to physical currencies.

It is risky for businesses. For each company, it is necessary that their employees are familiar with the use of bit coin and have good knowledge about the digital currencies. It is also important in the ways if employees don’t understand the digital currency, it may cause harm to a big company.

It is volatile due to the limited amount of availability in the market and the daily increase od demand makes it more unstable.

The stability in prices of the bit coin makes it a mode of payment between the business and traders.

One drawback of bit coin is that it is still in its developing stage and features are less.