All About Lacrosse Wall Rebounder

The Lacrosse Wall Rebounder is a single inflated rectangle wall with rubberized edges that serves as a rebound area for the lacrosse player. When you hit the ball off the side of this wall, it rebounds on the opposite side and gives you a chance to pick up another opportunity to score. In addition, this unique product is safe for kids to play on and is also inexpensive.

Who can play on the Rebounder?

TheĀ lacrosse bounce back is suitable for the age of 6 and up. Children should be at least 8 years old before learning how to play Lacrosse. They need to have enough strength to continue playing since they are learning the game at an early age. A child who is not coordinated or has a below average physical size should not use an elastic rebound device as he/she will keep hitting the wall and running into it which could result in serious injuries or even paralysis.

How long can you play on the Rebounder?

The maximum amount of time a player can spend on the rebounder is 30 minutes at a time, but this will depend on each player’s fitness level. It is very similar to playing a game of Lacrosse, so the same rules apply.

Can parents play on it?

Yes. The Rebounder is safe for kids and adults to use. If you are playing with your child, make sure that you set a time limit and switch yourselves off with each other on the Rebounder. An adult can easily use this rebound device as it has many benefits for them, i.e., increasing their fitness levels, dexterity in step movements and gatling when moving up and down the wall etc.

When do you start using the Rebounder?

The Rebounder should be used from early stages of learning to play Lacrosse. Beginners should start using it from the second season. A good tip is to practice dribbling the ball with the Rebounder by starting off small and increasing the size of the rebounder on a regular basis.

How does it work?

The Rebounder is designed in a manner that when the ball hits the rubberized edges, the bounce will be directed to the other side of the wall. The device has a perimeter net which is wrapped around it to prevent balls from knocking down users and other objects.

What are its benefits?

It helps players learn how to use their stick while they’re practicing their shot accuracy and velocity. There are two different heights on which you can practice with this product, i.e., 6’8″ inches high and 5’10” inches high if you want a change of angle or if you’re at different levels of fitness or in a competition situation.