Men’s fashion:  mistakes to avoid when dressing

Men often make some mistakes while dressing. In this article, we are going to discuss about those mistakes. Visit this site for กางเกง denim.

Pants too long

Not everyone can boast of knowing how to sew or know how to catch the bottom of the pants, but this does not justify the fact of dragging it on the ground. Wrinkling on top of the shoe shows that the length is excessive, it is not correct, so do not be afraid to cut centimeters. Click here to know about down jacket คือ.

Tank tops

Although it is a typical summer garment, a time when heat becomes our worst enemy and any fresh garment is welcome, we must recognize that tank tops are a mistake. Not all; only those too low cuts or in which the nipples are taught.

Now, in autumn or winter, many men wear tank tops to get under their shirts to go to work. This is also wrong! The shirts must have sleeves inside so they will not show through and cause a bad effect.

Suits too wide

Suits too wide

Many men wear a suit every day, but others will only save one for special occasions such as weddings, christenings and other celebrations … In most cases, this accumulates suit years since its use is rare but know that the Wide suits are old fashioned and do not favor anything!

Choose a suit more adjusted to your silhouette, but without passing, that not being able to breathe because of clothes is usually another very common mistake in many men. Wearing pants as if they were panties or shirts so tight that they even leave marks, are very frequent mistakes especially in young people, which also have negative consequences for health.

Dirty shoes

Wearing dirty shoes is usually a common mistake. When you take off your shoes, you may be lazy to wipe or clean them, but it is necessary. Wearing clean shoes gives an image of integrity.

In addition, it is also often a mistake to wear the same shoes every day; not only for fashion, but also for hygiene, footwear should be clean.